The Poet & Artist

Jack Hannula began a life of art in Gardner, Massachusetts with childhood inspiration and instruction from his artist-teacher mother.  After earning a B.S. in Environmental Design from the University of Massachusetts, Jack went on to receive a diploma from the Conway School of Landscape Design and in 1977, a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University ‘s Graduate School of Design where he won the prestigious Webbel Prize for excellence in landscape design. 


His love for classical painting was pursued in tandem with studies at the Art League School in Alexandria, Va., at the Plein Air School of Painting in Paris and with nationally recognized landscape painter, Bob Rohm.  He paints full time and can often be found painting on the streets of Washington and New York.  Jack is also an avid plein air painter and travels and paints extensively, especially in Italy and France, about which he is currently writing a book.


Jack has held professorships at the University of Georgia and the Universite’ de Montreal; and also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Iran where he designed parks and did landscape art.  Jack has always considered landscape design as a form of "living art" and the ultimate "installation art".  

Today, Jack resides in Washington, D.C. where he is was President of the Arts Club of Washington (2011-2012), and where he also served as Exhibit Committee Chair, officer and member, Board of Governors (

Jack was also a member of the International Artists Support Group (IASG) where he served as President from 2000 – 2002. He has exhibited his art internationally - in India, China, Russia and Egypt. He currently exhibits his art at the Arts Club's Spilsbury Gallery in downtown Washington, prestigiously located four blocks from the White House.  His vibrant city scenes and landscapes are in various private and public collections, including a collection of six city scenes purchased by the District of Columbia.  Much of his art may be viewed on his website: and on his Facebook page. 


Besides being an active artist, Jack is also a poet, writing sonnets and epic poetry in the Romantic style.  His poetry is composed to be read aloud with emphasis placed on tempo, metrics, phonics, alliteration and rhyming.  He oftens chooses words for their sound as much as their meaning. For this reason, he borrows words from Middle English, which also gives his poems a timeless character.  To Jack, poetry is a musical composition meant to be recited aloud.   

Jack's poetry, rooted in imagery -like his landscapes- follows the various parths of his art   As such, the paths are often whimsical, dreamlike, obscured in revery and occasionally nonsensical like wandering conversations.  Good examples of these are his Moment sonnets and the poem In Vino Veritas (The Model).  


Ode to 2012

by Jack Hannula

[ i ]

Chased by Time's old dogged hound

That bays so loud that I, me, found

With restless spirit, mind unsound

I find me now on quaking ground!

This time the ground beneath my feet

Is spread before like tattered sheet

But march me on to mine own beat

Whist racing Cronos' somber fleet.

Oh, fighting Time; 'tis my defeat?

My raging war in heaven's heat!

[ ii ]

On noble steed with lancer's glove,

A mighty shield with sword & dove

I pray to gods & stars above

For strength to fight a 'War For Love'.

[ iii ]

Saint Jacques' my given nom de plume

That fell with Heaven's silver flume

‘Tis Heaven's Grace: a ceaseless plume

That waters oaks & flowers' bloom

Whilst under me dost darkness gloom

With cursing lava; earthquake's boom

This year I learned to less assume.

My life suspends from Clothos' loom.

[ iv ]

“Here, Saint Jacques, please take these keys

That cluster on this chain, like bees.

Please share these keys with thine art-friends;

(One never knows just whom god sends).

Each key's a gift from Someone Known;

Each key's a seed for something sown”.

 [ v ]

From tragedies of Sophocles

To Wisdom of Euripides;

Lust of lovely Aphrodite;

Soft beauty of Persephone. 

Healing of Earth-god, Demeter;

Judgment of holy Saint Peter;

Innocence of sweet Narcissus;

Bravery of King Odysseus.

Creativity of Venus;

Revelry of Dionysus.

[ vi ]

Bestowed on thee; we do this, thus:

With patience, son -& without rush

Give we to thee -pen, paint & brush

To heal the Earth to state of lush.


{ Jkh 2012 c. }


© Jack Hannula 2013