The Seacoast

Assateague Sunset, O-C, 11x14, 1999

Ode to the Sun

[ i. ]

He rises when the night is done

When light has over darkness won

When earth’s nocturnal turning’s run

 ‘Tis then appears the rising sun. 


[ ii ]

Appearing first in dawn, below

 Whilst basking ‘neath the warming glow

To borne the seeds that life-forms sow:

Earth shuns aside its darkened woe

To banish man’s most fearful foe.

Most, unaware, we do not know.


Oh, wonder we just where they’ll land?

On fecund soil or barren sand

Or in the palm of outstretched hand

Whilst lodged beneath a golden band?


‘Tis so that seeds are random sown

‘Fore, to earth, they’re cast or blown

With sound but of a throaty moan

But Know it now afore tis bone

When’st received a seed, ‘tis known.

Oh, that one –there- who does it own?


Oh, now we lay us down to sleep

Afore the nearby dawn dost peep

And back to earth Sun’s rays dost seep

And, evermore, our souls to keep. 

jkh 2011 c.

The Hammock, Cumberland Island, Georgia

The Tide

With brush in hand I watched the tide:

Its ebb & flow, its surface slide;

Its birth, its youth & when it died;

Its silence, truth -not one word lied.


Tide's to & fro', a liquid breath

Without a birth or looming death;

A viscous fate, much like MacBeth;

An unknown fate with no bequeath.

Oh, yonder vista, one so deep;

From fathomed depth I hear a weep;

The sound of she who cannot sleep;

Into her soul her passions seep.


To nature's law She must abide;

To rhythm's law Her flow is tied.

These truths I learned I must confide

-Its in my paint, strokes short & wide.



“Remember, dear, that night; we danced upon the beach?”

Starlit was the sky; its light shined in us each

And on the distant shore there seemed a chasm’d breach,

Oh, one so far away, impossible to reach;

One so deep & drawing; one so far away

Like the moonlit field, so golden was its hay

In which a baying dog -so mournful was its bay;

And of the darkened night, the morning its decay.

“Can we return to dance; for this I duly pray

Let’s bring back the night, the darkness in the day”.


[ x ]

Silence spills upon us, its center’s but a void

But formless naught my dear; its shape ‘tis ellipsoid

And open to our love that soon shall be deployed

Like the deepest sea -on which fate’s ships are buoyed.

from In Vino Veritas

© Jack Hannula 2013