The Creek,  Midmorning

The Woodland Creek 

The flowing creek was dark & cool

Of colors, blue & ebony.

Gnarled roots, green moss, a shaded pool

Reflecting life -oh, can you see

Its rainbow’d notes -light melody?

Its maestro -there, a nearby tree!

The water's sound’s a symphony.

Oh where does go creek's destiny?


The Falls 

The creek’s cool fall’s a magic place.

A place with nature's stately grace;

Its falling water linen lace;

A flow from top to shady base;

It flows at nature's patient pace

And with my art I She embrace.


Another Time

We sat beneath an ancient pine;

With Bacchus near, a glass of wine;

With brush in hand, the scene is mine;

Quick strokes of paint -the scene is thine

Oh, luscious grape & words that rhyme:

'Tis Heaven's way to savor time.



Watercolor- Cortona
© Jack Hannula 2013